Attendees Should Be Prepared To Bring:

  • A handgun that is appropriate for CCW and defensive shooting
    • Micro compact guns are not preferred as your primary firearms—Ruger LCP, S&W Bodyguard and similar. You may have opportunities to try your micro pistols at an appropriate time, but you will not learn as much as quickly at the event if your primary pistol is one of these types.
    • Double-stack mid-sized or full-sized semi-autos are preferred—Glock 19 or similar—but not absolutely necessary. Slightly smaller carry pistols (Glock 43, S&W Shield, Ruger LC9, etc.) can be used successfully at this event, but they are more difficult to shoot than their slightly larger counterparts and you will have to reload more often.
  • A MINIMUM of 3 magazines for double-stack guns, and a MINIMUM of 5 magazines for single-stack guns.
  • An appropriate holster—a concealment holster is preferred, but not necessary. OWB holsters are acceptable as well. The following holsters are not allowed for primary use at this event: ankle, thigh, bra, crossdraw. This is for the safety of other students on the firing line.
  • Eye and Ear Protection (Electronic Ear Protection Preferred)
  • Appropriate clothing for the shooting and weather conditions: Pants, No low-collared or V-neck shirts, Hat with a forward-facing brim, Good shoes or boots, Kneepads if you want or have knee problems as there may be some kneeling and shooting, Coat/Jacket depending on weather, shooting gloves if desired. We will generally still hold this class regardless of the weather, so come prepared to be hot, cold, wet, or frozen.

Ammunition Notice:

Attendees are responsible to bring their own ammunition.

Your required round count will vary both based on which blocks of instruction you attend but also based on how you choose to conserve ammunition while shooting. Most instructors have designed their courses to allow for some flexibility when running exercises to shoot more or less ammo based on your own comfort or supply at hand.

Please bring a minimum of 800 rounds of ammunition for your handgun.

Ammunition can be shipped directly to our office in advance of the event. Please ship to:

Concealed Carry Inc
4301 South Federal BLVD STE 108
Sheridan, CO 80110

Please note ammunition must arrive no later than Sept 13th, 2021. Please contact us when you purchase/ship your ammunition to let us know it is coming.