Attendees Should Be Prepared To Bring:

  • Quality pistol
    • Subcompact and micro-compact guns are not ideal for this training event. Keep in mind, it is THREE DAYS of training and shooting. Larger pistols are going be easier ON YOU which will facilitate learning more efficiently! If you want to get training time with your micro-compact EDC pistol, feel free, but consider switching periodically to a larger gun. Just a suggestion. 😉
  • A minimum of 3 magazines (if single stack, 5 mags minimum)
  • Mag pouches (you should be able to carry at least 2 spare mags on your person)
  • Quality holster – No Serpas – No soft/collapsible holsters. No exceptions.
  • Gun belt or some other reliable means for carrying and supporting the gun, holster, mags, and mag pouches.
  • Eye protection (safety-rated wrap-around glasses. traditional prescription glasses will not meet the standard)
  • Electronic hearing protection STRONGLY encouraged
  • Clothing appropriate for the range and weather
    • Tips: No low-collared or V-neck shirts, hat with a forward-facing brim, good shoes or boots, kneepads if you want or have knee problems as there may be some kneeling and shooting, coat/jacket depending on weather, shooting gloves if desired.
  • Sunscreen
  • Note-taking materials (notepad/pen or phone)
  • Good attitude and an open mind

*Please review the course descriptions for the class blocks you are scheduled for to see about any other specialized equipment or gear needs.*

Ammunition Notice:

Attendees are responsible to bring their own ammunition.

Your required round count will vary both based on which blocks of instruction you attend but also based on how you choose to conserve ammunition while shooting. Most instructors have designed their courses to allow for some flexibility when running exercises to shoot more or less ammo based on your own comfort or supply at hand.

Please bring a minimum of 800 rounds of ammunition for your handgun.

Ammunition can be shipped directly to our office in advance of the event. Please ship to:

Concealed Carry Inc
4301 South Federal BLVD STE 108
Sheridan, CO 80110

Please note ammunition must arrive no later than Sept 10th, 2023. Please contact us when you purchase/ship your ammunition to let us know it is coming.

SuperVel Ammunition Opportunity

SuperVel Ammunition has graciously agreed to work with the attendees of the Guardian Conference who are looking for a good deal on quality ammo. Here is what you need to know:
  1. SuperVel makes great ammo. They have been doing this for a long time. They have great prices. We are grateful for their offer to support our event.
  2. If you order ammo from SuperVel AND you use the code (below) your ammo will NOT be shipped to you. Instead, it will be shipped to Concealed Carry Inc and we will bring it to you at the conference.
  3. There is no special product or page on the SuperVel site you need to buy from. Just shop their site like normal. When you use the below code at checkout that is the indicator for them to pull your order aside and ship it to us instead of you.
  4. In addition to "re-routing" your order to us, the code will also grant you free shipping which is a sweet deal on bulk ammo.
  5. The last date you can order, and use the code below, is August 27th. That is necessary to ensure they can ship it to us in time for us to bring it to the event.
Use Code: Event
Please thank them for working with us by buying their products and following and engaging their social media profiles.